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strategies to improve the architectural design for kindergartens in gaza strip
Chapter 1 / General Introduction1
Study limits3
Problem statement3
Study objectives4
The importance of the research4
Research questions5
Study methodology6
Previous studies7
Study outline10
Chapter 2 / Childhood and Children Situation in Gaza Strip12
Childhood definition13
Stages of childhood growth14
Early childhood14
Middle childhood15
The importance of early childhood16
The importance of early education16
The importance of play for kindergartens' children17
Prosperities and characteristics of early childhood17
The requirements and needs of early childhood19
Basic needs19
Developmental needs20
Children rights21
Definitions of children's rights21
Types of rights22
Education rights22
Children situations in Gaza strip22
Demographic situations23
Health situation24
Educational situation26
Social and economic situation28
Children situations during the Israeli occupation29
Chapter 3 / Kindergartens and their Situations in Gaza Strip34
Definition of kindergarten35
History of kindergartens35
The importance and purpose of kindergartens36
Activities in kindergartens37
Kindergartens situation in Gaza strip38
Evolution of kindergartens in Gaza strip38
Physical situation40
Kindergartens indicators In Gaza strip40
Chapter 4 / The Role of Architectural Design in Improving the Kindergarten's Environment44
Elements of kindergarten environment44
Interior environment45
Exterior environment46
The impact of the kindergarten's environment on children behavior48
Standards and considerations for kindergartens49
Urban planning considerations49
Site Selection49
Site planning Considerations50
Architectural design considerations53
Spaces design in kindergarten53
Finishes and Furnishings59
Safety and Security62
Technical considerations63
landscape considerations of kindergartens65
landscape elements65
Playgrounds for kindergartens66
Considerations for disabled children in kindergartens69
Case study - Valeska Hinton kindergarten in Peoria72
Chapter 5 / Assessment of the Architectural Situations of Kindergartens in Gaza Strip78
Study background78
The need of ideal kindergartens in Gaza strip78
Justifications of assessment study80
The objectives of the evaluation study80
Study procedure and mythology80
Sample selection and data collection80
Data analysis81
Obstacles and difficulties81
Questionnaire description and outputs analysis81
Findings and outputs83
General information about kindergartens83
Site plan of kindergarten86
General design of kindergarten90
Architectural spaces95
Outdoor spaces98
Finishing and furnishing101
Chapter 6 / Kindergartens Analytical Study114
local analytical study at Al-sheik Ridwan neighborhood115
Study background115
Study objectives116
Study procedures117
Difficulties and obstacles120
Field study for selected kindergartens120
Findings and outcomes131
The license terms of kindergartens in Gaza strip132
1Specifications of kindergartens building132
Kindergartens requirements to be licensed133
Comparison study between the selected kindergartens138
Chapter 7 / Proposals and Recommendations139
proposals for renovations and design improvement140
Study conclusions151
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