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Realities and challenges of relief operation in shelters during 2014 aggression on Gaza from the beneficiaries and service providers' perspective : Case study-BeitHanoun Area
Chapter 2 Literature review12
2.1 Introduction:13
2.2 Area of study:14
2.2.1. General information about Gaza Strip14
2.2.2. General information about BeitHanoun18
2.2.3. Aggression history in Gaza strip:19 The first aggression on Gaza Strip (December 27th 200819 The third aggression on Gaza Strip (July 8, 2014):21
2.3 Background of humanitarian relief response:22
2.3.1. Humanitarian relief response:22 Cluster of humanitarian relief:23 The role of humanitarian actors and responders:26 The representation of NGOs:27 The UN humanitarian agencies:27 The Government organization27
2.3.2. Disaster management:28 Mitigation and preparedness:28 Recovery and Response:29
2.3.3. The sphere project:30
2.3.4. Coordination:34 Types of coordination34 Challenges of coordination35 The obstacles affecting on coordination:36
Chapter 3 Research methodology38
3.1 Introduction39
3.2. Research flowchart39
3.3. Research strategy41
3.4. Research time scale41
3.5. Research population41
3.6. Research sample42
3.7. Data collection44
3.8. Research location44
3.9. Questionnaire design45
3.9.1. Pilot Study46
3.9.2. Data measurement47
3.9.3. Validity of the Questionnaire47
3.9.4. Face Validity47
3.9.5. Criterion-Related Validity48
3.9.6. Structure Validity of the Questionnaire49
3.9.7. Reliability of the Questionnaire50
3.10. Data analysis51
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