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Performance Improvement of Spatial Modulation Based Systems using Antenna Selection Algorithms
Chapter 2 Thesis?s Background14
2.1 Introduction:14
2.2 Diversity:14
2.3 Space Time Coding (STC):15
2.3.1 Space Time Trellis Coding (STTC):15 STTC Encoding:17 STTC Decoding:17
2.3.2 Space Time Block Coding (STBC):18 Alamouti Space-Time Code:19 Alamouti Encoding:19 Alamouti Decoding:20
2.4 Spatial Modulation (SM):23
2.4.1 SM Transmitter:23
2.4.2 SM Receiver:25
2.5 Space Time Block Coded- Spatial Modulation (STBC-SM):26
2.5.1 STBC-SM Transmitter:…27
2.5.2 STBC-SM Receiver:29
2.5.3 Simulation Results:32
2.6 Super Orthogonal Space Time Trellis- Spatial Modulation (SOTC-SM):33
2.6.1 The set partitioning operation for STBC-SM transmission codewords: 33
2.6.2 SOTC-SM Encoding:36
2.6.3 SOTC-SM Decoding:36
2.6.4 Simulation Results:37
2.7 Antenna Selection (AS) for MIMO systems:39
2.7.1 Capacity Optimized Antenna Selection (COAS):41 Transmit Antenna Selection (TAS) based on COAS:41 Receive Antenna Selection (RAS) based on COAS:41
2.7.2 Antenna selection based on Amplitude and Antenna Correlation (A-C- AS) (Pillay & Xu, 2014):42 Transmit Antenna Selection (TAS) based on A-C (A-C-TAS):43 Receive Antenna Selection (RAS) based on A-C (A-C-RAS):43
2.7.3 Computational Complexity for the two AS algorithms:44 Computational Complexity for COAS-TAS:44 Computational Complexity for CO-RAS:44 Computational Complexity for A-C-TAS:45 Computational Complexity for A-C-RAS:45
2.8 Summary:46
Chapter 3 Antenna Selection for Double Spatial Modulation (DSM)48
3.1 Introduction:48
3.2 Double Spatial Modulation (DSM):48
3.3 DSM Transmitter:49
3.4 DSM Receiver:50
3.4.1 Computational Complexity for DSM:51
3.5 Antenna Selection for DSM scheme:51
3.5.1 Transmit Antenna Selection (TAS) for DSM:51
3.5.2 Receive Antenna Selection (RAS) for DSM:52
3.6 Simulation Results:52
3.6.1 Transmit Antenna Selection (TAS) for DSM:53
3.6.2 Receive Antenna Selection (RAS) for DSM:56
3.7 Summary:59
Chapter 4 Antenna Selection for STBC-SM and SOTC-SM61
4.1 Introduction:61
4.1 Antenna Selection for STBC-SM scheme:61
4.2 Antenna Selection for SOTC scheme:68
4.3 Performance Analysis of applying antenna selection on STBC-SM and SOTC-SM78
4.4 Summary:79
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