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Participation, opportunities, and challenges faced by NGOs in managing the health sector crisis
Chapter 2 Literature Review and Previous studies 9
2.1 The first topic: Health sector10
2.1.1 Background11
2.1.2The concept of the health system11
2.1.3 The legal framework of the public health system12
2.1.4 Basket of services provided by the public health system12
2.1.5 Government Health Services12
2.1.6 Health services purchased from outside the ministry13
2.1.7 Health Care Ratings13
2.1.8 Health service providers in the public health system13
2.1.9 Challenges facing the Palestinian health system in the Gaza Strip15
2.1.10 Tasks of the General Directorate of International Cooperation15
2.1.11 the concept of the Palestinian health sector16
2.1.12 General principles of the Palestinian Ministry of Health17
2.1.13 Objectives of the Palestinian Ministry of Health18
2.1.14 Functions of the Palestinian Ministry of Health18
2.1.15 Challenges facing the health sector in the State of Palestine19
2.1.16 Israel's public policy towards the Palestinian health sector20
2.1.17 Israeli Attacks on Individuals and Medical Personnel (2008 - 2014)23
2.1.18 the concept of the health sector26
2.1.19 the Economic Implications of the Development of the Health Sector27
2.1.20 A view at the health conditions in the Palestinian territories27
2.1.21 the size of the Palestinian casualties of the health sector28
2.1.22 The legal framework of the public health system29
2.2The second topic: (NGOs)33
2.2.1 Background34
2.2.2 Definition of (NGOs)34
2.2.3 Activities of (NGOs)34
2.2.4 The stages of development of international organizations35
2.2.5 The emergence and development of non-governmental organizations35
2.2.6 Roles of (NGOs)36
2.2.7 Reasons for the emergence and development of international organizations37
2.2.8 Functions of non-governmental organizations37
2.2.9 The stages of development of non-governmental institutions in Palestine38
2.2.10 Elements of the International Organization39
2.2.11 Objectives of Non - Governmental Organizations in Palestine40
2.2.12 Programs of (NGOs) in Palestine40
2.3The third topic: the concept of crisis management41
2.3.1 The concept of crisis management42
2.3.2 Causes of crises42
2.3.3 Crisis management requirements42
2.3.4 Crisis management dimensions43
2.3.5 Traditional coping strategies43
2.3.6 Causes of factors causing crises44
2.3.7 Stages of crisis45
2.3.8 Objectives of crisis management45
2.3.9 Requirements for successful crisis management46
2.4The fourth topic: The Israeli aggression 201447
2.4.1 Background48
2.4.2 Statistics of economic losses and infrastructure until 2014 / 02/0848
2.5The fifth topic: Previous studies50
2.5.1 Background51
2.5.2 Previous studies51
2.5.3 Comment on previous studies59
Chapter 3 Research Methodology60
3.1 Introduction61
3.2 Design Research61
3.3 Data Sources61
3.4 Research community:62
3.5 The research sample:62
3.6 Pilot study63
3.7 Search tools:66
3.8 Statistical methods related to research72
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